About Us  

Artisan Pasta

At Pastificio 601, we craft artisan pastas in-house. Using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients available, Pastificio 601 takes pride in producing the best pastas from Anelli to Ziti.

  • Mon-Wed: 9AM-5PM (KITCHEN 9AM-4PM)
    Thur-Fri: 8AM-5 PM (KITCHEN 8AM-4PM)
    Sat: 8AM-4PM (KITCHEN 8AM-3PM)
  • info@pasta601.com

We Care About Food

Chef's Table

Are you looking for a unique private dining experience? Consider the Chef’s Table at Pastificio 601. The Chef’s table can accommodate 10 to 16 guests for a 5 course meal including: appetizer, pasta course, ravioli course, entrée and dessert. 

Chef’s Table events are available Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights after our retail store closes. Give us a call to book your Chef’s Table today.